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Production Art

Below are pictures of some of the art I have helped finalize and get ready for screen printing. Currently with my job I have helped in creating bases, separating colors, rebuilding designs, and even making ones from scratch for walk in clients and local companies.


These are just a handful of designs that companies have sent into production for screen printing. Typically on these I will go through the file and separate colors, layers and distressed bases. One thing I really enjoy about doing these jobs is that I get to see many different approaches to how to build an art file or design and I learn something everyday about illustrator.

Walk-in and local area work

Here are some walk in clients work and local places that wanted shirt designs for an event. A lot of the design process is meeting with them either in person or phone/email and making sure that their vision is what the art looks like and that it is good for screen printing or embroidery. The 10 years design was for ARVEST bank and they actually used it for a 3d sculpture! You can see it with the employees if you scroll down farther.

ARVEST BANK  10th Anniversary Design and 3D Sculpture

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 3.21.28 PM.png
1140 edit.jpg
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