Zac Bendrick - Go with the Flow

Series Statement:


Go with the Flow is a series of work created with ink on paper. I wanted to create a small collection of works that I felt resembled the everyday obstacles during the pandemic. While creating these compositions I knew what I wanted to paint and stuck to my plan of faces, colors, and profiles of the works. When left to dry, the paintings took on a life of their own. You can see how the colors bled and melted into each other. Some colors took to moving across the page and congregating in a completely different part of the work. Some colors spread themselves thin to show ones underneath. As I worked I realized that this reflected a lot of what I have been dealing with this year and as I am sure you all have to an even greater extent. I knew what I wanted to create and got busy on making it happen. While painting, the colors had a mind of their own and I was no longer in full control like I am with traditional painting. After struggling with this concept of unknowns I decided to "Go with the Flow" and accept this new seemingly chaotic energy that was influencing my domain. By letting go of my worries and pushing on ahead I ended up at something even more powerful and beautiful to reflect on. Acknowledgment, acceptance and perseverance were the things I learned alongside my time with ink and what I am working on implementing into my everyday life.


I hope you enjoy these works and take time to reflect on this year so far. I wish you all good health and that you stay safe during this now not so new normal.


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