Artist Statement:
All my art is based around abstraction and color. I enjoy the process of
finding what makes a great composition with size, shape, color and
meaning. Certain shapes and color invoke meaning to everybody in
different ways. I truly feel that I am not an "artist" in this interaction, but
merely a facilitator for the conversation between the viewer and the art. It
was my duty to transfer the journey of emotion and perspective that I was
taken through onto a medium in which others could do the same.


Zac was born in San Diego, California but moved to Kansas City
when he was 11. On a whim, he decided to take a painting class
in high school. What he didn't expect to find was a new creative
outlet that would eventually turn into his passion. During university,
Zac studied Graphic Design. However, due to his course load and
athletic commitments, he had to put his painting on the back-burner.
After graduating with his degree, Zac found he had more time to
focus on his portrait and abstract works. With the purchase of some
canvases and acrylic paint, he once again started to create new
studies and share them online. In February of 2019, Zac
reconnected with an old friend. She reached out to him to discuss
his future plans with painting and offer her help. His bright use of
color and unique way of portraying the human face had caught her
attention as well as the attention of some friends in her art circle.
After flying out to Colorado to discus his work, a creative
partnership had begun. Zac continues to develop his style and
show his perspective of the world through the ever changing idea
of the human figure.

Art Review

An art critique that @willybpopart so graciously wrote about my recent piece- .

The “Working hard or hardly working” is an abstract portrait painting by Zac Bendrick. He creates out of Kansas City.
The background of this piece is yellowish in color which helps to make the work pop. The portrait has 2 suited shoulders with ties leading up to the subject. Best count was eight heads with some being partial faces. That count could vary depending on the observer.
“Working hard or hardly Working” provides visual harmony. The colors chosen by the Artist conveys a profound affect on the viewer. The painting takes away what is real while constructing what is true with lines, shapes and colors.
It seems to have the heart of a child’s perspective giving it placidity and simplicity.
An Impasto technique could have been used to the painting to increase texture and color. However that depends on the viewer’s taste.
Zac has taken away the details and has whittled down the piece to the essential characteristics,
It creates an appealing and easy on the eyes-painting

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